Born in Paris in 1982 to a Colombian father and a French mother. Her last study is a master in Fine Arts University of Barcelona. Before, she has work like a textile designer, in the field of objects and environments for Alstom Transport, in publishing (Mango, Flammarion, Belem) and in fashion, notably as a decorator for events and shop-windows of fashion houses such as Jamin Puech, John Galliano, Paule Ka, Chloe. In her artwork, updating the philosophy of arte povera and incorporating the irony through the grotesque, Laurianne Lopez's drawings, sculptures, installations, are fun as well are disturbing. She likes to pervert popular symbols of innocence because is the opportunity to criticize metaphorically human and society. Acuity is possible if the viewer agrees to engage to irrational world. Currently she is working with publishers making editorial design and illustration.


Pragmatic person with spirit of synthesis, for her, each project is a new objective of representation without limit because each field and technique are new challenges to create and resolve new tensions. With a great sense of responsibility, in her opinion, her job is to make decisions watching the world from different point of view and think about the links between things to arouse emotions.